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Here at Little Pets Paws, we love to walk, explore, climb over stiles, stride along logs, hop across rocks, paddle in the streams and crawl through bushes.


I try and create really interesting and varied walks for the dogs, every time we go out. No two walks are ever the same.  Dogs are always given plenty of time to run about off lead and really get the most out of their walks.


I use positive training methods for recall and walking close to me when needed.  I always have a bag full of treats, toys, balls and spare leads to prepare for whatever the walk may bring.


I know all the best walking spots and a lot of the dog walking community allow me to safely socialise your dogs with other dogs I know well.

Please like my Facebook page and follow all my walks. I take photos everyday to be transparent, so the customers can see that their dogs have been walked and where they went and see their new friends!





One of the Family

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