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Terms and Conditions

  • Little Pet Paws will not accept dogs registered under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 or dog hybrids registered under the Dangerous Wild Animal Act 1976 and complies with The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018 - Conditions for providing home boarding for dogs.

  • Little Pet Paws does not accept bitches in season or male dogs over the age of one that hasn’t been neutered. This may be earlier if a male dog under the age of one displays any form of antisocial behaviour.

  • Owners are required to give written consent to their dogs being mixed boarded with dogs from different households.

  • All dogs will be required to attend a familiarisation “meet and greet” session to ensure that the dog will be suitable for home boarding. Owners are required to make full disclosure of any characteristic which may make their dog unsuitable for home boarding or walking services. Little Pet Paws reserves the right to terminate the booking without refund if behavioural issues are not fully disclosed. Behaviour such as territory scent marking within the home, aggression towards other dogs, excessive barking or dogs displaying extreme anxiety behaviour may result in future bookings being cancelled.

  • Owners are required to ensure that their dogs are up to date for the annual booster, Kennel Cough vaccine and treated with vet prescribed treatment for fleas, ticks and intestinal parasites prior to boarding. Any course of vaccination must have been completed at least two weeks prior to the first day of boarding or in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Proof of vaccination will be requested before a dog can be accepted. New dogs will not be accepted for boarding until at least 14 days after receiving the Kennel Cough Vaccine. Regular day boarders will not be accepted back to boarding until at least 48 hours after receiving the Kennel Cough vaccine.

  • Owners must not board their dog if it is deemed to have any condition that could jeopardise the health of any other boarding dog. If a dog shows symptoms of infection e.g. sneezing, coughing, runny nose, eye discharge or conjunctivitis, then it will not be accepted for boarding until it has been clear of symptoms for at least 48 hours. If a dog is diagnosed with Kennel Cough, it will not be allowed to return to boarding for 14 days.

  • Owners are responsible for checking their dogs on a regular basis for ticks and fleas and must report any incidences to Little Pet Paws. No dog will be accepted for boarding in the event of fleas or ticks being present.

  • Owners agree to fully indemnify Little Pet Paws against any loss or injury to a third party or damage to property caused by their dog. Owners are fully liable for the full cost of any damages incurred by their dog.

  • Owners agree to Little Pet Paws seeking veterinary treatment or advice in the event of a dog becoming ill, injured or requiring emergency treatment. Owners are liable for the full cost of any veterinary fees that may be incurred whilst their dog is in the care of Little Pet Paws. If the illness or injury can’t be safely managed at Little Pet Paws, the owner or named emergency contact will be contacted to arrange collection of the dog. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that the emergency contact is aware of this arrangement.

  • Little Pet Paws will exercise the dogs in accordance with the terms and conditions within the Animal Welfare Act October 2018.

  • All dogs will be required to wear an identity tag on walks disclosing the name, address and phone number for Little Pet Paws. Little Pet Paws may use their own collars, leads and harness’ if it is deemed safer for the walker and the dog.

  • Little Pet Paws will not accept dogs that are not fully house trained or chew furniture. The owner will be liable for the full cost of repairing any damage caused by their dog.

  • Little Pet Paws requires all dogs to be microchipped in accordance with the Microchipping of Dogs regulations 2015.

  • Little Pet Paws uses photo images of pets for social media and advertising. If you do not want photos of your pets to be used, you must make this known in writing.

  • Payment for a regular day boarding space must be received monthly in advance. Payment for ad-hoc bookings or for holiday boarding must be paid in full on receipt of the invoice. Little Pet Paws reserves the right to cancel future bookings if this term is not met. A non- refundable deposit may be required to secure a holiday board booking. This deposit is not refundable if a customer cancels the booking. For all other bookings, a refund may only be given if at least 48 hour notice is received. Spaces will not be guaranteed until payment is received.

  • Customers accept the terms and conditions as set out, which are subject to change without notice. A copy of the latest terms and conditions are listed on the website

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