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Puppy Supernanny

Is this your first puppy? Would you like to go out for a while or to work but are afraid to leave your puppy alone? Did you attend puppy classes and still need some support with training? Or are you just a smitten kitten when it comes to your puppy and want to give them the best start in life?
Then I can help!
Exercise and Playtime
Positive Training 
Relaxation and Affection

I am extremely passionate about working with puppies to give them the best start in life with lots of positive experiences and to teach them the correct behaviour expected in a positive, patient manner.  I love working with puppies because they are little furry balls of excitement waiting to explore, learn, play and create loving relationship and strong bonds with you.  I get so much pleasure out of helping puppies to learn and it is great to watch them grow into well balanced and happy dogs. 


I can highly recommend taking your puppy to puppy classes.  Its a great way for you to learn some good tips and techniques and a great way to bond with your puppy.  It is also a great way to give your puppy some much need life experience and socialisation in a safe environment.



I am here to help you outside the classroom to help you and your puppy adjust to normal everyday life and your normal routine and help care for your puppy when you can't be around and reinforce the training you are provided to your puppy and to ensure your puppy is getting some valuable life experiences as well as being treating like one of my own to give you complete piece of mind and confidence that your puppy is happy and cared for.  I learnt the hard way and I would have loved to have known back then when raising my three puppies what I do now.  So if I can help you with your puppy then it would be a real pleasure!








I can offer puppy visits, group walk introduction, 1 or 2 hours positive reinforcement training and playtime sessions for your puppy. I will practice the elements below to assist you to reinforce the training you are doing at home with your puppy.  I can do home visits and trips out, dependant on you and your puppies needs.  I am very happy to work with you and tailor my session to exactly what you and your puppy need.


Just some of the things I can work on with your puppy:


Walk on a Loose Lead
Accept Handling (for when you attend Vets and Groomers)
Lie Down
Leave and Drop
Accept people near to food bowls, bones and chew
Stop play biting
Be sociable with humans, children, and other dogs
Greet people without jumping up



Benefits for You...

Benefits for Your Puppy...

Piece of mind that your puppy is happy and well cared for.

A more well balanced dog who fits in happily with your lifestyle.

More affordable than a Dog Behaviourist / Dog Psychologist.

Don't need to impose on family and friends.

Training doesn't stop after puppy classes.



Puppy Love!

Stays in safe and familiar surroundings.

Diet and exercise routine uninterrupted.

Reduces Separation Anxiety.

More playtime.

Lots of love and affection.

Positive Reinforcement Training.

Not reliant on one human for their needs.


One of the Family

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